I’ve started this blog to both document some of my learnings and experience investigating the current state of things with home automation, but also to share that knowledge.   I realize the “Internet of Things” and our seemingly every busier lives are converging and spawning new and very interesting ways to simplify our daily lives and add touches of convenience.  It’s an exciting space, and I hope to touch on a lot of different topics ranging from hardware and “connected” devices, to the software that powers these devices, with some attention to open source, to the apps like IFTTT that try to connect and make sense of it all.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Scott, are you the Scott that went to Denison? The programming whiz? If so, hi! If not, sorry… but regardless, I do love me some automation… Anyways,I had a fit of nostalgia for the old country…


    1. Lol, yes that would be me, although I don’t know about “whiz”, I’ve always enjoyed programming ;). Home automation is definitely an exciting space, especially if you like hacking / programming stuff to make it work. There are a lot of disparate technologies and strategies right now but a few fun ways to bring them together (eg Wink API + The Homebridge project). You’ve reminded me I need to post some new updates here! Are you working on a particular project right now?


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